Everything we do in the vineyard is done with one goal in
mind: to maximize the quality and intensity of grapes
We prune with the goal of producing only 1 and ½ to 2 tons
of grapes per acre.  After bud break, we control crop size by
disbudding, a process of removing shoots with poor position
on the vines and leaving only those with good ripening
As the vines grow, we position shoots to maximize exposure
to sun and air circulation.  As the fruit begins to ripen, we
leaf pluck, removing leaves from around grape clusters.  All
of this work is done by hand.  At harvest, all fruit is hand
picked into small totes and immediately moved down the
hill to the winery for processing.
The Vineyard
RainSong Vineyard

Pinot Noir Wadensville
(self rooted) 3 acres
planted 1985-1987

Pinot Noir Pommard
(self rooted) 2.25 acres
planted 1988-1989

Pinot Meunier
(self rooted) .9 acres
planted 1996

Pinot Meunier
(grafted) .9 acres
planted 2004

Pinot Meunier
(immature) .8 acres
planted 2019

Chardonnay UC Davis 108

(self rooted) .9 acres
planted 1989