Barrel Bottling Program
At RainSong Vineyard we offer a unique program which allows
customers to purchase and bottle a  barrel of our wine, giving them
a hands-on wine-making experience.
We offer our own Estate wines as well as other Northwest wines at
or below wholesale prices.  
For those of you who are new to the program, here’s how it works.  
You and your group agree to purchase a full barrel of wine (about
25 cases of 12 bottles each).
  You choose a wine and set a date for your bottling here at the
winery.  You and your group bottle your barrel with our
assistance and with all supplies provided.  Bottling takes about
one hour and previous groups have had a great time operating
the corker and the filler.  
  The wine comes with a simple label that meets government
requirements and which can become a back label if you choose to
make up your own “house wine” label.  After bottling, most
groups enjoy a potluck picnic  and wine tasting.  
Call us at (541) 998-1786 if you are interested or have any
questions or email us at