About Us
RainSong is a small
family-operated vineyard
and winery owned by Allie
and Marcus Hall and Fiona
FixMitchell.  Founders
Mike and Merry Fix
handed vineyard and
winery operations over to
daughters Fiona and Allie
and son-in-law Marcus in
RainSong occupies 55 acres in an isolated valley between Eugene
and Corvallis.  The site is comprised of a wonderful combination of
meadow, pond, and woodland with a gentle southeastern slope.  Soil
type is Bellpine, a fine grape growing soil, and our elevation ranges
from 500 to 800 feet.  Vineyard planting began in 1985.  Current
plantings include 5.5 acres of Pinot Noir, 1 acre of Chardonnay, and
2.5 acres of Pinot Meunier.  In 1988 the small winery building was
built at the bottom of the vineyard.  
Our operation at RainSong is
small, even by Oregon standards.  
We produce less than 1500 cases
of wine per year.  We have made
the decision to remain small. We
enjoy the tasks involved with the
operation of the vineyard and the
winery and we want to stay
intimately connected to both
endeavors.  By performing tasks
ourselves, we can give personal
attention to all aspects of wine
production.  The second
generation, Marcus, Allie, and
Fiona, will continue the
hands-on, family-run approach.
Mike, Marcus, Allie, Fiona and Merry